Monthly Meeting's are held the 2nd Sunday of the Month at the Salmon River Fire Hall at 7 pm.

Who Is SOU WEST NOVA ATV Association?

  • It is the largest organized ATV group, out of 35 clubs in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • It is registered with Joint Stock as a not for profit organization.
  • Its members cover an area from Weymouth, Clare, Yarmouth, and all areas through to Shag Harbour.
  • It is a member of ATVANS, (All terrain vehicles association of Nova Scotia), which is the organization which represents all ATV clubs at Provincial level, and also members of Nova Scotia Trail Federation.


  • To promote safety in the sport of Atv, by training young and new drivers, as well as educating riders to respect property owners and other trail users.
  • Encourage all ATV owners to register their ATV and carry insurance.
  • To develop new trails, improve existing ones, introduce the members with the laws and regulations, as well as the officers who enforce these laws, Secure legal access to existing trails, such as the abandoned rail bed.


  • The membership has donated (thousandís) of man-hours to the trail development groups both in Clare and Yarmouth.
  • The club has also donated approximately $ different organizations such as Christmas Daddy, Clare and Yarmouth trail, IWK, Yarmouth hospital children of Chernoble and others.


  • Members are covered by (five million in third party insurance)
  • 10% discount on parts at the dealer, discount on eye glasses, and a voice in decision making.
  • It is a recreation supported by many seniors who are all tax-paying members of our community.
  • We encourage all non-members to join with us and support our club so that we can have a strong voice in decision making and continue with our projects.

  • Thank you from the members of SOU WEST NOVA ATV.